Membership access includes exclusive real-time crypto trading signals from a custom trading script that I developed. Technical analysis skills developed over 6+ years of trading experience.

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If you’ve had trouble timing when to buy and sell your crypto then you’ve come to the right place. My signals have resulted in significantly higher profits than just buying and holding since September 2017. 

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Cryptocurrency Trading Signal Results

Significantly better than HODL strategy.

What are cryptocurrency signals?

Well, there are many forms of crypto signals that you can receive from a provider. For example, some websites may offer news and current events for specific coins as a signal, basically market sentiment. While other sites may provide buy and sell signals, basically price speculation. On my site, I offer buy and sell signals for bitcoin and other altcoins that are in the top 20 in market cap. Reason being, I want to trade coins that have a strong backing, but, most importantly coins with high volume. My custom trading script works best with high volume coins. Continue reading the FAQ section to learn more about the script.

How is your trading signal service different than the rest?

Since this is my niche I’ve spent a lot of time studying my competition. I see most providers offer buy and sell signals as I do here. However, most of my competition issues their trade signals based on personal technical analysis. Whereas I issue my trade signals based on a trading script. I created an advanced trading script that measures different MACD, RSI, EMA, and Volume indicators to find the change in market trend. When there is an alignment between these indicators my script issues me a buy or sell signal the second the big move happens. I then forward that trade signal to my members the exact second I receive it myself.

Why should I pay a premium when I can get trade signals for free?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you get what you paid for.” When it comes to your money and investments, do you want to trust free quality cryptocurrency trading signals? Nothing is free in this world. There has to be some ulterior motive for these free signal providers that they’re not telling you. Or they’re beginners that don’t know anything. I’ve spent countless hours contemplating, creating, and tweaking my custom script. Then I created a system where I can forward all my trade signals to my members so they can trade completely automated. So there is no way I can offer free signals because the amount of work and value I put into this system is much greater than those free crypto signal providers. 

What kind of profit am I going to make from your premium crypto signals?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s a hard question to answer. It all depends on the volatility of the market. If bitcoin is trading sideways, then my script will trigger signals that result in small loses. The reason is that the script is trying to find a trend, and there is none. However, when there are big movements in the market, there is often a clear trend. That is when my script performs the best. So if nothing is happening in the market don’t expect to be making money because no one is. What’s important “to me at least,” is that my script performs better than the HODL strategy because most people don’t have time to trade every day and with this automated system it’s possible.

When to buy bitcoin?

This question is most relevant by first asking, what is the amount of time you can have your money tied up in cryptocurrency? If you have money that you’re able to invest and you believe you won’t touch it for 5 years, then I would say, buy bitcoin now! Anywhere under $20k is a great deal if you can think about how widespread the adoption of cryptocurrency will be in that time. If you’re more of a high-risk trader and get aggravated by not selling at the tops and buying more at the lowes, then my service may be for you. My membership is designed for simplicity. I spent a lot of time creating, tweaking, and managing a custom trading indicator. I then forward those trade signals to my members the second I receive them myself. 

Do you offer bitcoin signals?

I trade a wide variety of coins, but bitcoin is where I allocate most of my trading funds. So yes, bitcoin trading signals will be included with your membership. My allocation of funds is as follows. 60% trading and 40% long term BTC holding. Even as a professional trader, I don’t trade with my entire portfolio. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “its best to diversify your portfolio.” This is very true, but it’s also important to diversify your strategy. So if you plan to start trading and your wondering when to buy and sell bitcoin than I recommend you set money aside as a trading “budget” because it’s reckless to trade your entire portfolio.   

Do you have a trading group in Telegram, Discord, or Whats app?

At this time no. My membership is designed to forward you trade signal that my custom script is sending me. We are all following the same trade signals from a robot. Just like people in wall street, and that’s a true statement. Most trading is done by algorithms nowadays. In the future, I will bring back my personal “human” technical analysis and forward that to my members as well. I have started doing some TA in my youtube videos as you can see. 

I first analyze each coin then use an automated trading bot to execute my buy & sell orders 24/7. This increases the likelihood of capturing opportunistic spikes.

I average just a handful of trades per month so you won’t be overwhelmed. Let the winners run.

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